An Honest Offer for HQ Followers


A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Writer

While Alex has slowly been putting Romantic Shorts™ to bed, she’s been working to put together a collection of the lessons she’s learned as an online indie publisher in her quest to help new writers get started.

WRITE START 101 is a workbook compiled to give writers the basic information they need when setting out.

It includes 4 PARTS:

  1. Developing your unique WRITING process,
  2. CREATING something from nothing,
  3. MARKETING what you create, and
  4. Taking the mystery out of PUBLISHING.

As a pre-launch special,

and to thank all of Romantic Shorts™ HQ’s long time followers for your support and encouragement,

Alex is offering a FREE download of the workbook.

Available only until January 31, 2023,
you are invited to click over to
this exclusive WRITE START 101 website,
and use the coupon to access your free download.

Take a look through it. Leave a review if you like. Join the Facebook group where Alex will be hosting LIVE events to answer questions and provide more in-depth discussion on some of the topics covered in the book.

Click over for more information. Time is limited – she can’t leave this open long.

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Our HQ101 Trial Results



During the lead-up to the Summer 2021 Writers’ Competition, I thought it would be fun to run a trial email series of the best advice I can offer writers based on almost a decade of reading their manuscripts.

It’s a compilation of 35 messages, each a quick read touching on a different aspect of the writing process. Not a complete education by any stretch. But it’s a great introduction.

Never did I expect such a great response!

I’m leaving it up for now. Take advantage and sign up. It’s free.

But I’ll be revising and editing it somewhat. Adding to it. And probably releasing it as an e-book.

I’ll probably be offering the e-book for free as well, or at worst a ridiculously reasonable investment.

That said, thank you to all who subscribed and especially for the feedback!! Either you are all quite wonderfully supportive and kind, or I might have touched on a real need. Definitely turned out to be a great idea!

I’ll keep you posted on this as well. First, it’s story time! Competition manuscripts await!


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Summer 2021 Writers’ Competition

The inbox for entries is now closed. Thank you to all the writers who submitted manuscripts for this competition. It has been a most exciting time for us!

It will now take some time to evaluate all of the stories and complete the judging – a few weeks at least!

We’ll keep you posted on the progress right here and let you know when to expect the big announcement of winners.

Stay tuned!


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