Guest Posting at The New Author!

In my search for writers, I’ve met some very interesting people. The help and support I’m receiving from writers’ groups and forums is really quite remarkable. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – writer type folk are usually the friendly sort.

One of my favourite responses came from the owner of a terrific blog, The New Author. Brian Knight moderates a very established and popular site for new authors trying to navigate their way through the world of writing, publishing, and promoting. I’ve visited quite a few times and finally subscribed so I can stay on top of everything over there – it’s a busy place.

When I received Brian’s e-mail, I recognised the blog name and hoped he might have something nice to say. In fact, he did. But the first three times I read the message, all I saw was, “Good job!”

That’s really all I needed.

But he went on to offer me the opportunity to write a guest post for his blog! No need to ask me twice – I included the post with my reply.

I had just learned, as a matter of fact, about the huge benefits of guest posting on other people’s blogs from a very informative blog post by one Brian Mongold, author of an Internet resources site called Eazy Cheezy. I found this Brian’s post because it was posted on the other Brian’s blog. Guest posting about guest posting. This is some new fun for me.

So, as it turns out, Brian Knight agreed to publish my post and, voila, here it is!

While I would, of course love to drive a ton of traffic over there to witness my little masterpiece, truth is, it’s a great place to get some very valuable information. The New Author on Blogspot. Brian McKnight. Take a few minutes to check it out – but make sure you’ve got nothing on the stove.

Thanks for your support, Brian!

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