Romantic Shorts Is Growing

Well, it’s starting to look like we will be able to launch Romantic Shorts to readers virtually on time this summer!! Given our starting base of authors and the quality of submissions, things are looking very promising to make that deadline.

Our next steps are two-fold.

We’re reading like crazy through our competition entries and open submissions. And we’re liking what we’re reading. My biggest revelation through this process is the variety and originality of the ideas. Just when you think you know everything, you learn something new from someone else, and it surprises you. I am so pleasantly surprised these days!!

We are still accepting unsolicited manuscripts and welcome all queries. Share your ideas with us – we’d love to see them!

The second part of this phase is the revamping of our website.

This is more a little daunting. As the sole designer of our online presence, the pressure is mounting. Common sense – and everyone I know – is telling me to find/hire/acquire/beg some help with this. And, as much as I know they’re right, I have two issues with that.

One, finding someone, within my price range (same as what I and the writers are getting right now…), who has the expertise I need, is proving to be extremely difficult, and not a little scary. There’s a lot of trust that has to happen here. And interviewing and judging. And while I have no doubt whatsoever that I will meet the right person at the right time, apparently, now is not the time.

The flipside to that problem is that I started this venture for so many reasons, not the least of which is for me to gain hands on experience and knowledge as I go. As Romantic Shorts grows, I cannot expect others – partners, employees, writers – to do that which I don’t understand or am not willing to do myself. I prefer the title of Leader to Boss. That said, I must admit that stretching the old brain cells right now by learning code and protocol is not the most pleasant sensation, though I am keenly aware that the feeling of accomplishment is directly proportionate to the level of difficulty. And so I am trudging on, learning, getting lost, swearing a lot, and, slowly but surely, figuring things out. The family is aware that Mom is creating something ingenious. They have learned to ignore the colourful language.

And so, I guess my message to you now is, that Romantic Shorts will be suffering some growing pains at my hand. The website needs to be split into two sections – one for our writers and the background business, and the other for our storefront/’book’cover and content, to attract, welcome, and keep our readers.

Rest assured that we’re not going anywhere but up. Although we may have to side step now and again. But if you find our online usefulness and availability a little lacking over the next few weeks/months, please stay tuned. We’re working out the bugs and looking forward to a smooth growth spurt. (Okay, who’s kidding whom – I’m sure there will be glitches.)

As the changes begin, count on being able to find our email address posted at the top of every page we post, just in case we’re not meeting your expectations for the moment. Feel free to contact us with comments. And certainly suggestions.

Maybe even some help! (I can be a little slow – but I’m not stupid. Advice is always welcome and considered, if not taken.)

Stay with us. We’re a bit nervous as we move on. But experience says that that’s the time when something extraordinary is about to happen! Buckle up!

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