We’re Revising Our Guidelines

Just a quick note to writers…

We are currently making (what we hope will be the last for a quite a while) revisions to our base publishing contracts. It’s looking like there may be a few changes from the currently posted guidelines. Nothing devastating by any stretch. However, it is imperative that we protect not only our rights, but yours.

As all contract offers are open to some measure of negotiation depending on individual circumstances, we expect that there will be no unwelcome fallout from this. This is just a notice for writers to be prepared for some degree of variation – presumably in the area of exclusive first rights, and future rights. As soon as we have the details nailed down, we will certainly be posting those changes.

Once again, we thank our writers for their support and patience.

Authors of all manuscripts currently under review will be notified by email of our decisions during the next few weeks. Winners of the ‘New Year New Story 2011’ competition will be announced June 30th, 2011.

We are getting closer to our publication launch and are eagerly anticipating being able to showcase some of the terrific stories we have received so far.

Though there is much work to do, I fear now that our biggest challenge will be deciding which story to post first. Oh, the pressure!


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