A Glitch In Our Website

Having now outgrown our original web site situation, we have begun to make changes in preparation for  future growth and development. Like planning an addition to the new offices once business is underway.

Part of those changes was a move to a new web host. This will give us far more flexibility in terms of site function, security, and potential. And while this is an exciting move for us, it also comes with its own set of glitches.

As the changeover occurred yesterday, we are finding that some browsers/internet connections/bookmarks are not loading our pages of our main site properly. We are working to overcome these problems and hope to have them ironed out shortly.

In the meantime, both our Readers’ Room and our Writers’ Lounge are working as well as ever and we welcome you to visit, comment, and enjoy.

Stay tuned and thank you again for your patience and understanding through our growing pains.

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