An Update To Our Guidelines

Our Submission Guidelines are now up-to-date. There were a few changes:

~ We are now accepting manuscripts that are created in a greater variety of formats, as we now have access to the following editing programs: Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Google Docs, or a basic Text Editor. If you create your document using a program other than those listed, we will either not be able to read your manuscript, or you could end up having to retype it if accepted and we are unable to edit it. Save the worry down the road by preparing it properly in the first place.

~ We are currently open to a variety of romance genres, though are, for now, concentrating on mainstream stories. However, while we are interested in paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy genres, please, no more vampires and werewolves.

~ We are now asking writers to grant us one-year exclusive rights to their work. That means that we would like to be able to publish your story, in part or in whole, online, archive it, and/or print it in hardcopy format, exclusively, for a period of one year. After that, we would still like to retain your story as part of our library, reprint it as we decide, and perhaps include it in future hardcopy anthologies at our discretion. Of course, you will be notified of any future use of your story (beyond the one-year exclusivity) and would be compensated according to any profits earned from such publications. As well, after the one-year exclusivity period, you will be free to re-sell your story as you prefer, as you will retain all rights to the story throughout the publication process. You will also, at that time, have the option of having your story removed permanently from our files.

Really more clarifications than a changes, these revisions should have no bearing on any future agreements. Of course, all contracts are open to negotiation to some extent and our guidelines will likely change over time as we grow and define our niche.

And as always, contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re just a quick email message away.

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