Unexpected Rewards

Having just spent the last few days announcing competition winners, tweeting like crazy, emailing new Romantic Shorts Authors, and doing my best to keep everything straight and my excitement in check, I was caught off-guard yesterday by a budding phenomenon that I could have never anticipated.

It was great fun to be able to give good news to so many people. Notifying writers of their successful competition entries, and authors of the acceptance of their manuscript submissions was, as I had expected, a very emotionally satisfying activity. As I tweeted their kudos, and posted their details, I couldn’t help but feel, almost recognize, the pride, enthusiasm, and excitement I expected to feel at this point.

But as I continued my tweets through the day, I began to see something else.

Writers that I had communicated with through the day were now talking to other Romantic Shorts writers! They were connecting, @mentioning each other, sharing URL’s and FaceBook addresses. Conversations were developing and the seeds of friendships were planted.

I’m not sure yet exactly what feelings this is bringing out for me – they are all new. There is a sense of awe and wonder in the growth of something I hadn’t intended. A feeling of excitement and anticipation as I realize that there’s a lot more to all of this than I had planned. And then there’s a wave of responsibility and obligation as I begin to understand my role in changing my life, and those of others whom I have never met, in ways that are yet to be clear to any of us.

With a growing impression of the potential of Romantic Shorts, I am heading into summer with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. There is still much to do in the remaining weeks before we launch in August. But in the end, ready or not, here we come. And if things aren’t quite perfect, well, we’ll just fix those things when we get to them. I have always been of the mind that planning is crucial to any project. But at some point you have to just jump and get started, working out the kinks along the way.

A dear friend once told me that the most difficult part of designing and creating her own leather coat was the first cut into the insanely expensive material with a pair of scissors. After that, everything else is manageable.

And so, with scissors in hand…


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2 responses to “Unexpected Rewards

  1. Wow, this sounds great, Alex! (It is Alexandra, isn’t it? There isn’t a name attached to this post….a name would be good 🙂 )

    One of my goals for my sites is to have readers give each other comments, tips, advice, etc — just the way you describe. Interact and help each other. It sounds like your Romantic Shorts writers are finding a natural way to connect with each other, thanks to you. That’s uber cool.

    Best of luck until you launch in August…and remember that tangles and snares are often blessings in disguise!

    All good things,

    • Good point, Laurie! Funny how just when you think you’ve covered all your bases, you realize you left out the most obvious!
      It’s quite reassuring having friends out there who will say something. Nothing’s worse than the friend who sits back trying to figure out how to tell you you have spinach stuck in your teeth.
      Appreciate the good wishes, too. Gettin’ a little nervous, but there’s nowhere to go but onward at this point. Feels kind of like swinging at a baseball with my eyes closed!
      Talk to you soon,
      (And yes, it’s Alexandra…)

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