Oh So Close!


Just when I think I’m on the verge of going live here, I find another little crease I want to iron out before we do this.

So now, I think I’ve resolved the advertising issue – to start with.

And I have to finalize the writers’ contracts with the lawyer. (We’ve been discussing wording back and forth for quite a bit now. We started with a standard publishing contract, but are looking at a scenario of being online, archived, and ‘out there’ forever, with the possi/probability of hardcopy down the road. Apparently, there are many little nuances of such arrangements that I am learning about as we go. No has ever done this, exactly this, before.)

And I’m moving the website to a new host. Again. To make sure that it can both handle growing traffic, and that it can present a professional and polished appearance to our readers. The last thing I want to do is take something that someone has worked so hard on and slap it up there like the wind blew it along.

I do still have the intention of getting this out there in August. I am just really hoping it won’t be the 31st!!

Sit tight. We’re almost there!



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2 responses to “Oh So Close!

  1. HI Alex,

    I can’t wait for the first issue to hit [and …hint hint] my story.

    Wonder how your readers would feel about older heroines? Like mature women with grown kids? I’m working on one now, and of course you get first dibs.

    • Thanks Helen, I’m looking forward to it.
      And for the record, I think older heroines are really under appreciated. Now, as many readers have matured along with the genre, it’ll be a pleasure to explore the romances of older women with them. It is the folly of the young to think that romance belongs to them. Those stirrings of first love last a lifetime – if we find the right spark. Let’s give ’em something to look forward to!
      Can’t wait to get there!!

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