Back Up And Running!


Have my computer system up and running again!! I had NO idea how attached I was to all of this. It’s been a cruel week and half of panic, frustration, boredom, and pestering as I’ve been trying to do everything from the laptops of the husband and children. I spent the weekend transferring files from their laptops back to my files, and they’re not impressed. The decision to blow the budget to repair and upgrade Mom’s system was met with wholehearted encouragement!!

(Only the most skilled mothers can pull that off so cleanly…)

And so, I have no time to chat. So much to do. Stories to read. Emails to answer/file/explore/ponder… Contracts to finalize. Contracts to offer – my absolute favourite new pastime!! Connections to reconnect. Time to catch up!!

Gotta run! I love this!


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  1. Great Alex! Nice to know you are back up and functioning in your own little world again. That’s a great feeling.


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