This Romantic Cowboy Is The Real Deal

What kind of example would Romantic Shorts set if we didn’t do something special for Valentine’s Day?

Let me introduce you to Reid Lance Rosenthal, a rancher from Wyoming who also happens to write romance. And quite well, in fact, if the first book of his Threads West: An American Saga is any indication.

I met Reid on my Twitter travels a while back and was instantly taken by his warmth and generosity. He offered to write a guest post for Romantic Shorts’ authors, and in our emails back and forth, I came to learn that he is an accomplished writer with a genuine heart. I did, however, get to thinking that I should probably read one of his books before actually posting his words. One never knows…

I ordered a copy of Threads West, the first of Reid’s eight-novel saga. It arrived sooner than I’d expected, and, as any other eager reader, the packaging never made it past the front door. I didn’t really have any expectations, good or bad, I just like starting a new book.

One glance at the cover took me to the America of the mid 1800’s. A quick read through a heartfelt dedication and intro – I get back to those later – and I jumped right in. For the better part of the rest of that day and the next – I think I heard one of my kids mutter something about throwing a pizza in the oven “…’cause Mom’s reading again…” – I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Reid’s people, getting to know them, and travelling with them through the beginning of what promises to be one hell of a journey. I recommend the read highly – reluctant to give away any details (book reviews have never been one of my strong suits). The only fallback is the ending because it is not an ending, but a beginning. And you have to wait for Reid’s pen to work its magic again.

On the plus side, as of today, there’s only another month or so to wait. The second book in the series, Maps of Fate is due out in April 17, 2012.

That should be enough time to squeeze in a second read of the first…

And in the meantime, I’ve decided to publish his guest post as a Romantic Short for our readers instead of just keeping it to ourselves. Reid sent me a post about writing romance from the male perspective. It talks more about romance than writing, but, after all, that’s the point.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Reid’s words go a long way towards reminding us about what it is we’re actually celebrating on Tuesday.

I invite you to stop by our Reading Room and read Reid Lance Rosenthal’s This Cowboy Knows Romance. You’ll be glad you did…


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  1. Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and kind wishes for my mother. I’ve posted before about the challenges I face in building Romantic Shorts, most of which actually have nothing to do with the website, but more with life ‘getting in the way.’ So, of course, as luck would have it, as I excitedly came to post Reid’s words, and just I was about to hit sends on announcements everywhere, my mother called in a panic to ask me to help her, she’d just called an ambulance and was terrified that she was having a stroke.
    Thankfully, we now know that it was a complication of an existing blood condition, coupled with her first ever kinked neck (??? – I’ve known this woman all my life and I missed this fact – myself cursed with a thick and luxuriant head of incredible red hair, I throw my neck out regularly, often finding myself with rushed and unsatisfactory hair cuts. But I degress, and will always take the time to appreciate that one physical trait for which I have always been truly grateful….)
    Anyway, after a long day at the hospital for tests and x-rays, and some very effective medication that seemed to quickly repair her sense of humour, I am relieved to share that Mom is just fine. Or at least she will be in a few days as her neck and shoulder relax.
    Again, my apologies for dropping the ball on this Romantic Shorts Valentine’s event – it will just be a more prolonged announcement. And my sincerest thanks for your understanding and kindness.

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