The New Contender in Online Romance Publishing

Romantic Shorts is about to explode. After months of excitement and anticipation, and despite my own recent personal tragedy, it is with an unexpectedly overwhelming energy that I announce the next stage in our venture!

We have momentum. (Loud, extended screams of celebration and one heck of a happy dance!!!!)

A fine looking chart!!

A fine looking chart!!

With growth to over 3,000 views per month, translating into hundreds of readers stopping by to check out our romantic short stories, it’s time to hit the overdrive button. And so, Romantic Shorts is proud to announce that we are now offering our writers a little more than a promotions page, readers, and a leg up.

Our submission guidelines have been updated to reflect these changes and we welcome all writers of romance to consider submitting a romantic short story for online publication at Romantic Shorts. This year brings with it new focus on marketing, advertising, and recruitment. With the drive we’ve created, and clear direction – still and always aimed at the promotion of writers, enjoyment of readers, and commitment to advertisers – the future of Romantic Shorts is brilliant!!

Check out our new guidelines. Consider writing for us. We’re currently shooting for 50 stories per year, with the expectation of being able to offer 200 per year by 2015. There’s room for all of the best quality works – so feel free to share the news with fellow writers!!

Our renewed determination is only limited by the boundaries of our imagination. Let’s see what this baby can really do!!

Alexandra Brown,Founder and Chief Operations Manager.


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4 responses to “The New Contender in Online Romance Publishing

  1. Hi,
    Congratulations Alex. I am extremely happy for you and pleased to see this post come out. I will take a look at your submission guidelines and take a dip in the water. I will also post it in writer’s gateway. I am sure there are some writers who are interested.

    All the best my dear and keep up the good work.


    • Thanks Patricia,
      So nice to be back!! So very thankful for Romantic Shorts to begin with – but didn’t realize that I’d appreciate the distraction of my own creation so much so soon!
      Very excited,

      • Alex,
        For your info, I posted your link in Writer’s Gateway, My WANA Circle from Kristen Lamb writer groups, PenAndPaperWorld, Linked in and on twitter. I hope your well never runs dry with having great authors.

      • Thanks for the leg up Patricia. Your support and compassion mean the world to me!

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