Next on the List…

Whew! What a fast couple weeks of catching up!

Updates and emails, forums and contacts. And lots of warm welcomes -THANK YOU!

Rest assured, that next – and vitally important – on the list, is the fixing of the manuscript submit button. It’s taken some time and frustration – feeling a little rusty – but I think I’ve found the problem.

Now, which wire do I cut? The red or the blue…

Seriously though, I’ve devoted this entire week to fixing the problem. Could take me an hour. Probably a few… But I will not give up. There’s a bottle of wine with my name on it for the celebration. Stay tuned – I will let you know!



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2 responses to “Next on the List…

  1. Keep it up, Lady. You can do it. Afterward, enjoy that glass of wine.

    • It’s done! Was much more difficult than I expected – but I conquered! Feel so pumped, don’t want to ruin it with wine! 😀
      I’ll save the bottle for my next great manuscript!

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