I am so very excited to announce Romantic Shorts’ return to the land of the living.

Check out our Reading Room today for our latest short story, The Dog, The Dame, and The Dick, by BC,Canada native Geoff LaCasse. A quick trip to pre-WWII Portugal will have us all feeling right as rain in no time. Welcome to Geoff, and welcome back to all of our Romantic Shorts family!

I’d also like to thank, with all the sincerity and love I can muster, all of you who stood by me, messaged me, encouraged me, through the darkest of my days. They can insist all they want that all this technology pulls us apart. Fact is, I’ve met so many new friends online – friends whose words of support and understanding have meant the world to me. How incredibly lucky I am to return to such compassion and warmth. Thank you all!

Now go check out Geoff’s story. It’s a good one.


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