What Happened To Alex Brown

In reconnecting with so many people these last few weeks as I get set to re-launch Romantic Shorts, the one question I’m running into almost as much as ‘Will you consider my story?’ is, ‘What happened to you?’

For now, let’s just say that that is a very long story. But in a nutshell, it’s been quite a trek. There was a lot of grief – still is, actually – but I’m stronger now. Mostly. I wrote a book. I’ve started reaching out to help other women who have had the rug pulled out from under them mid-life. And now I’m back to finish what I started.

Except that by finish, I mean finish starting.

Romantic Shorts has been my baby for a long time. I have great plans for it. And there is no way I’m letting this one get away.

If you’d like to read a little more, please visit my site at AlexStacey.com or check out my novel, A Road To Joy.


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2 responses to “What Happened To Alex Brown

  1. Hi Alex,
    Big hits like the one you experienced happen and they always catch us by surprise. I call them the things that caught me on my blindside because I didn’t see it coming.
    The main thing is that you faced it, and you went through it. Yes, it takes times and yes, there are setbacks but that is a part of going through it and not letting your head hang down.
    I know what I’m talking about because my husband died on February 5, 2019. Battling grief as you find your way back to fulfilling your purpose is not easy but you kick yourself and keep going.
    I personally am very happy to see you back, and I look forward to reading A Road to Joy.
    Take care and keep moving.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

    • Oh Pat I am so sorry for your loss. And no, it’s not easier. In fact, it never gets easier. You just get stronger. Not what anyone wants to hear, but I gave up sugar-coating a while back. We keep moving forward, we learn, we grow, and eventually, we find a new life. I would love to hear your thoughts on A Road To Joy. But be careful – it’s raw grief. (Funny as heck, though!!) But I hesitate to give it to people who are still very new to their loss. It’s for when you’re ready. It will trigger. Sometimes that’s a good thing. But if it’s too much, shelve it for later. Message me anytime. It’s hard to find people who ‘get’ it. But I do. I wish you Overwhelming Gratitude. Alex.

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