Submission Guidelines

Effective June 2020, Romantic Shorts is now OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS. Please review these guidelines carefully before submitting – better yet, writing – your story. 

To be considered for inclusion as a Romantic Shorts™ romance, your story will use between 4,500 and 6,000 words, in English. Your use of grammar and language will be of an excellent quality, requiring little to no editing by Romantic Shorts™. Your story will introduce its characters, present its setting and the premise of the storyline, and develop the plot to a satisfying conclusion within this length. Your writing will engage the reader, provoke her imagination, and capture her attention, well after she has finished reading.

The style of your romance story can range from the most innocent and gentle of interactions between your characters, to the most steamy and erotic of sexual encounters. Your plot must be at least somewhat plausible, though it does not have to be based in reality as we know it. Let your creativity as a writer explore the far reaches of your imagination and your skill; try something new, something different, something fun.

While we have quite open minds and are always eager to read new work, please note however, that there is no room at Romantic Shorts™ for inappropriate, hurtful, or tasteless work that would offend the ‘average reader.’ Alternative lifestyles, varying life stages, the crossing of racial/ethnic barriers, anecdotal narratives, etc. are ALL WELCOME HERE, AS WE ARE EXPANDING OUR LIBRARY TO INCLUDE VARIOUS LIFESTYLES, ABILITIES, AND CIRCUMSTANCES. ROMANCE SHOULD NOT BE LIMITED TO THE MAN-WOMAN, PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL, ENERGETICALLY YOUTHFUL, FULLY ABLED, PRINCE-PRINCESS RELATIONSHIPS. LET’S SHARE THE LOVE!!!  Aside from the primary keyword – romantic – words to describe your work should be along the lines of sweet, exciting, funny, hot, erotic, exotic, emotional, memorable, etc.

If you’re in doubt at all, send us a query e-mail outlining the basic premise of your story in 100 words or less, and we’ll let you know if it fits.

Finally, your story will be digitally submitted via our contact form, accessed via the link below, written using either Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Google Docs, or basic text editor – .doc, .docx, .pages, .rtf, or .txt. No other format will be accepted at this time as we must be able to edit and manipulate your digital file if it is accepted. This will save your having to re-type your manuscript into acceptable form at a later date.

Click here to review the current Submission Sample before submitting – better yet, before beginning – your manuscript. Submissions not formatted per this layout will not be considered. Click here to read more about why this matters so much.

Our submission form will ask you for:

  • your contact information: name, e-mail address, website URL;
  • your pen name, if you would like to be published under a pseudonym;
  • your story title;
  • the number of words
  • any additional comments you’d like to share.

You will also be asked to confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to our Submission Terms & Conditions. By providing our contract provisions online, we can greatly reduce the turnaround time for publication – not to mention eliminating ridiculous amounts of paperwork and processing. The only way to reach the Submission Terms & Conditions page is to click through at the bottom of this page. Only those authors who have actually taken the time and attention to appropriately read through these writers’ guidelines will find this. It is strongly suggested that you bookmark these submission pages while you visit. It will make it infinitely easier to find them again later. It is no accident that they have been buried.

You will be contacted by email within about 4 weeks with a reply.

We also require that your submission NOT be under consideration with any other publisher while it is under our review. The amount of time taken to fully and dutifully review a story can be quite substantial; having a story revoked after we have put much effort into its potential is both insulting and frustrating. (April 2021 – query and manuscript replies are currently expected to take about 4 weeks. All manuscript submissions will receive an acknowledgement reply email within two weeks. If you have not received an email from our Submissions Team to confirm that we have received your manuscript within two weeks after your submission, please contact us so we can resolve its whereabouts.)

We may ask for changes to your story. We will try to give as much rationale as possible for any such request, but know that we could just want something a little different. Ultimately, it will be your decision as to what you offer for your final submission. We reserve the right to edit and make changes after final agreement has been made. While this is most unlikely, we will make every effort to inform you of any but the most trivial corrections. Again, it is our priority to develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with our authors. Changing your work unnecessarily does not promote an air of trust; we will try our best not to do that.

If your submission is accepted, you will be notified of that, and you will be asked to provide a brief (100 word) introductory biography suitable for online publication with your work. You will also be asked for information intended for your Romantic Shorts™ Author’s Page – bio, pictures, book covers, links to your book sales sites, your website, blog, Facebook page, and any other information you would like to provide. Our Authors’ Pages are kept active and updated as long as your story remains available in our library.

Submission of your manuscript represents your agreement with our Submission Terms & Conditions and permission to publish. But, basically, what we ask for is exclusive rights to publish your story for a year and one month.

At the end of that year + month, the author can expect to find his or her story archived online indefinitely for future readers. As well, all stories published by Romantic Shorts may be eligible to be included in future digital and hardcopy anthologies of a more traditional publishing style. Details pertaining to this type of reprint will be discussed when those offers are made. As well, all stories in our library will be eligible for conversion to audio as Romantic Shorts™ grows to include a regular podcast of our house.

Our terms are fairly straightforward and are intended to be equitable for both Romantic Shorts™ and our authors. If you take any issue to the conditions of submission, please do not submit your manuscript. Contact us first with questions. Perhaps we can clarify in order to reach an agreement.

Beyond the time of our exclusive rights, your manuscript can be deleted from our files, if you so choose; any author wishing to withdraw their work(s) from the Romantic Shorts™ archives after the thirteen-month publication period will be required to provide a written request via e-mail; your story will be removed within 14 days. At all times, the author retains all copyright to the story.

It is our hope that any author, once published at Romantic Shorts will include a note of recognition (in the form of a web link, dedication line, etc.) of our support in any future publication/production of the story in any form.

As Romantic Shorts™ is a unique venue for new and unique authors, a mutually supportive network would serve to benefit all of us. The demanding writer who suffers from a healthy sense of entitlement will not be happy working with Romantic Shorts™.

All submissions that are not accepted for publication with Romantic Shorts™ will be deleted from our files upon notification to the author by e-mail.

Please check our Writers’ FAQ’s page before contacting us directly; it might save you, and us, a little time.

Questions and comments about Romantic Shorts™ can be directed to us by using the contact form here. Replies will be made as quickly as possible.

All submissions are made electronically by digital file attachment.


Or click here to contact us for more information.