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Writer Beware the New Publisher

I’ve been reading a lot of advice for new writers lately – trying to better understand their needs. After all, if our writers aren’t happy, none of us will enjoy any success at all. And what I’ve been learning is becoming quite distressing.

The number one comment I’m finding from seasoned authors to the new and inexperienced, where any type of epublishing is involved, is to STAY AWAY!!! The reasons are numerous. They are threatening. They are discouraging. And most of them are, quite often, absolutely genuine.

So where does that leave Romantic Shorts?

Yes, we are ‘brand-new.’ Yes, we are inexperienced in publishing. Yes, the ‘we’ refers to myself and two colleagues. Yes, to this point, I am also the webmaster.

And, according to everything I’ve read so far about new writers/new publishers/epublishing, we are the classic ‘bad risk.’ Our description is on every ‘BEWARE’ list I’ve come across. At best, the pros are advising you to wait and watch – see how we’re doing in a year, and to decide whether you think we’re worth the risk then. See how we’ve survived at least a year; let someone else be our guinea pig.

Wow. That doesn’t bode well for us.

But in reality, it seems more like a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy to me. If no one is ever willing to take a chance on a new company, how, then, does our society survive? At some point, someone has to have a little faith and jump in with someone on a wing and a prayer.

Check out this TED talk about innovation and leadership.

What Romantic Shorts is asking for at this stage in our development does indeed outweigh what we’re offering in return. But we sincerely do not expect that to last long. We expect that, within a year, we will be able to offer our writers at least a nominal fee for their efforts. We hope that we will shortly be able to offer both our writers and our readers a professional, high-quality, and enjoyable literary experience.

We are now putting the finishing touches on a working philosophy for ourselves – a guide that describes a set of beliefs, goals, and standards to which we will hold ourselves, and those with whom we work. Our expectations of ourselves will equal or exceed those of our writers, consultants, and staff. Our reputation will become our collateral. And the only way we can build your trust is to start now, with openness, honesty, and integrity. You’ll be able to learn more about our philosophy shortly as it will be published here on our blog.

We invite you to investigate Romantic Shorts fully before deciding to entrust your work to us. Feel confident with what you find – we are opting for transparency and accountability over exaggeration and insinuation. We have a vision, a plan, a purpose. But the details are – and will always be – flexible according to the needs of our associates, the changing times, and the evolving landscape of the publishing world.

Our best resource is you. Whether you write for Romantic Shorts or not, your input and suggestions are invaluable to us. If at any time you find anything that doesn’t sit well, we urge you to take a moment to communicate your concerns to us. In this way, we will grow – in ability and effectiveness – helping others realize their dreams along the way.

Alexandra Brown,
Founder and Chief Operations Manager

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