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Finding Love Through Diversity

As if a re-launch and new Open Call for Submissions isn’t exciting enough around here, it’s got to be the opening of diversity in our stories that really sparks the fire!

Previously, Romantic Shorts, being a fledgling of a publication, tried to play it safe and focus on mainstream hero/heroine plotlines, with the hopes of expanding into a more diversified library down the road.

Welcome to Down The Road!

Bring it on! Give us your romantic short stories. Let’s learn about love inside and outside of the mainstream. Let’s gift that emotional rush of a budding romance to everyone. We want to feature stories for the lgbtqia2s+ community. For our YA’s. Our elders. Our differently-abled. Our underestimated. Let’s celebrate our different cultures. Let’s fall in love around the world. And let’s mix it up!!

Love is Universal. It doesn’t just happen to a Prince and Princess. (In fact, that’s probably pretty rare, actually…) Love happens to all of us. I hope!! So let’s write for everyone.

Let’s share the love!!


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