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With Hope and a Kick in the Pants

Romantic Shorts is an idea that’s floated around my head/office/garbage can/notebook/purse/soul for almost twenty years. But now that it’s ‘out there,’ I am suffering from the most conflicting of feelings.

At times, I am overwhelmed with a sense of euphoric excitement akin to the I’M-GETTIN’-A-PUPPY-FOR-CHRISTMAS!! feeling I had when I was six. (I didn’t get the puppy, but I do remember the feeling.) I’m doing something that I am absolutely IN LOVE with!

But then there’s the doubt/fear/certainty that my dream job will fall flat, and I won’t even have the dream any more.

Then that fades, and I can see the potential for me, for new writers, for readers, for students, for moms, for ideas. It’s like looking at a clear night sky at the cottage; the longer you look the more stars you see and the brighter they get!

And then you realize how small and insignificant you are.

How will I know when this baby is breathing on its own?
How will I know if it’s dead?
Oh that it will grow up to be a fine, upstanding citizen…
What if it ends up marrying ‘Snake’ and finds itself a career in hard core porn?

I guess that if that kind of worry had a way of stopping us from acting on our deepest desires, the human race would have died out long ago.

And so, here is my baby – out there for everyone to love/hate/help/kill/watch/enjoy. Time will tell, and I now have no choice but to follow this road I’ve chosen.

It is my greatest hope that I will one day read what I have just written and laugh.

And maybe write about how foolish I was to worry about any of this at all.

Alexandra Brown, Chief Operations Manager

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StumbledUpon Eat, Pray, Love and the Creative Genius

Found a 5 carat diamond in my pocket today.

So I signed up with StumbleUpon.com because I thought it might be interesting. I picked a bunch of things that might be of interest for Romantic Shorts. StumbleUpon starts showing me websites that might suit my criteria.

Of the first five pages, two misses, two hits, and then – WOW!

A twenty minute or so talk on TED.com by Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing your inner creative genius. She reflects on how she can possibly hope to create anything worthwhile after producing what very well could have been the highlight of her career. Click here to watch.

Inspiration for anyone trying to create anything, anytime. Truly encouraging. OLE!!

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