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Seeing Writers Grow Is Worth Everything

I originally set out on my quest to build Romantic Shorts for a slew of good reasons: for me, for my family, to build something from nothing, to help others, writers, their careers, their families, readers, to meet people… You get the idea.

As I’ve been spending more and more time back online, still wading through hundreds of email messages, some as old as three full years now, I’ve been tiptoeing gently, a little wary of the kind of response I’m going to get from people who expected a reply from me a lifetime ago. As it turns out, this is one of the most exciting tasks I’ve ever taken on.

Opting for a humble and honest approach, I’m responding to all of those emails, queries, and manuscript submissions, one by one, and, more often than not, finding myself moved to tears. You guys are amazing people!

Everyone has been so understanding, so supportive, and incredibly friendly. Having to reject a story submission almost three years after its author saw fit to entrust me with it is a daunting prospect. But all have led to short and long conversations about where they are now, what has changed, and how far life has led them. And I am having great fun learning how life has gone on while I hid. I didn’t expect this.

But the one who prompted me to write this post, young Christopher, has me smiling sunshine this morning. At 18, Christopher sent me a story that, while it showed hints of promise in the writing, was not a fit for Romantic Shorts at all. I emailed him yesterday with my reply, hoping to encourage more than not, but had to reject the story on many levels.

I woke this morning to his reply. He has since grown up. Kept writing. And has taken that awkward little story and fleshed it out into what now looks like a promising novel. He sent me the first chapter. His writing has grown far more than I’d think two years should allow. His ideas are fresh and enticing. And his future as a writer looks quite exciting. I found myself reading his update feeling a pride that has nothing to do with me.

It seems that, even in my absence, Romantic Shorts has been working away, out there in cyberspace, plugging along without me, doing good, helping others, and making a bit of a difference.

And after all, isn’t that what we all want from our children?

It’s a good day!



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Growth Spurt with Fingers Crossed

We have a goal – a vision, more or less – as to how we want the Romantic Shorts site to look as we approach our Grand Opening, in addition to how we’d like the enterprise to work in the long run.

As we grow into our next phase, the learning curve seems to be a hairpin turn with a very short safety rail. We are plugging away, step by step. And the first of our renovation stages is now underway. The site will, hopefully, appear to be somewhat layered, with many pages doubled here and there. This is preferable to losing them altogether. Please bear with us.

The biggest visible change is in preparation for this summer’s publishing premier. Here’s a summary of the changes so far:

Our landing page at RomanticShorts.com will become just that. As a landing page, or ‘storefront,’ visitors – readers, subscribers, writers, advertisers, customers – will be directed to the area in which they are most interested. The storefront will act as our Main Entrance, and will also house the commercial and business sides of our House.

The RomanticShorts.WordPress.com area that has been the main base of operations to date will be spruced up to receive our guests – our readers. This blog format will become our book cover, within which our publications and authors will be featured. This is the area that will require the most attention. We want our House looking its best, reflecting the quality of the experience within. Suggestion and comments will be most welcome – we absolutely must put our best foot forward!

Our writers will now click through to our Headquarters at RomanticShortsHQ.WordPress.com  There you will find everything you need to begin and maintain a positive, rewarding, and exciting relationship with Romantic Shorts. Having now had a taste of this floor of our House, I can assure you that it is very quickly becoming that fast-paced, engrossing, center of attraction that I had hoped. This is a terrific place to spend a lot of time for me; my goal is to engage our writers to the same extent!

So we now have some crossover as these changes take place. We will be moving to a new Website Host shortly. And the duplications will be cleaned up as they become stable.

And in the meantime, we are reading carefully through our submissions – competition entries and unsolicited manuscripts. We are doing a little legal housekeeping as well – firming up our contract offers to publish, hammering out a privacy policy. As soon as that’s done, we will be able to start responding to our authors with requests to publish their works. (And, this is a feeling of anticipation that I am embarrassed to say, as a writer, that I cannot seem to put into proper words. I’m still trying to feel the feeling! Kind of like trying to describe the taste of a brand new food, while you’ve still got a mouthful!)

Keep in touch. Stay tuned.

And if you think you’re hearing some crazy woman screaming like she invented the first roller coaster, no worries. It’s just me.

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