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Plans For 2012 – You’re Invited!

Happy New Year!!

Oh, so much up and coming in 2012…

We’re currently reworking our writer contracting process. E-mailing and mailing signed contract back and forth all over the world just isn’t working for us… With one or two writers, it’s do-able. But getting up into dozens and we’re tripping over paperwork everywhere. This is supposed to all be paperless…

So, we’re writing the content to be able to accept submissions online with an agreement to Terms and Conditions required to enable the submit to work. Oh, so obvious. But once again, the learning curve is flexing its solid steel muscle…

As well, we’ve got plenty of new stories coming up. Very exciting. The quality and variation in plot, setting, and character is so enthralling. I had hoped. But this is exceeding expectations.

I am also very excited to be putting together a presentation by author Reid Lance Rosenthal. I read the first book of his An American Saga, entitled Threads West and can’t wait for the next in the series, Maps of Fate, due out this March/April*. I asked Reid to write a guest post for Romantic Shorts and was stunned by what I got back.

He had asked me what I would like him to write about. I simply left him with, “How about writing romance from a man’s point of view?”

He said, “Sure thing,” and went to work…

The result is not what I had expected to present to Romantic Shorts writers as inspiration and support. Though it certainly qualifies as such.

What he gave me is probably one of the most romantic pieces of writing I’ve ever read. While Reid is explaining the components and styles of romance – what constitutes romance, and how would one go about writing one’s thoughts down, I was reading something every woman wants to hear. Something every man should know. And something that was as moving and emotional as it was educational and supportive. Got to admit, I came away from this ‘lesson in romance writing’ more than a little flushed.

And so I decided to use it as a Romantic Short instead of an HQ post. You’re gonna love it!

Watch for it here and at Romantic Shorts’ Reading Room at the beginning of March/April*, to coincide with the release of Maps of Fate.

And that pretty much takes care of January.

I am so looking forward to the next year of growth and adventure with Romantic Shorts!

Feel free to join us – and bring some friends!


(January 13th, 2012 – I’ve just heard from Reid and learned that what I originally thought to be a February 2012 release date for Maps of Fate, has now been pushed back a bit to late March/early April. Ah well. Naught to do but wait. But there’s nothing that says I have to wait patiently…)


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Back Up And Running!


Have my computer system up and running again!! I had NO idea how attached I was to all of this. It’s been a cruel week and half of panic, frustration, boredom, and pestering as I’ve been trying to do everything from the laptops of the husband and children. I spent the weekend transferring files from their laptops back to my files, and they’re not impressed. The decision to blow the budget to repair and upgrade Mom’s system was met with wholehearted encouragement!!

(Only the most skilled mothers can pull that off so cleanly…)

And so, I have no time to chat. So much to do. Stories to read. Emails to answer/file/explore/ponder… Contracts to finalize. Contracts to offer – my absolute favourite new pastime!! Connections to reconnect. Time to catch up!!

Gotta run! I love this!


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Oh So Close!


Just when I think I’m on the verge of going live here, I find another little crease I want to iron out before we do this.

So now, I think I’ve resolved the advertising issue – to start with.

And I have to finalize the writers’ contracts with the lawyer. (We’ve been discussing wording back and forth for quite a bit now. We started with a standard publishing contract, but are looking at a scenario of being online, archived, and ‘out there’ forever, with the possi/probability of hardcopy down the road. Apparently, there are many little nuances of such arrangements that I am learning about as we go. No has ever done this, exactly this, before.)

And I’m moving the website to a new host. Again. To make sure that it can both handle growing traffic, and that it can present a professional and polished appearance to our readers. The last thing I want to do is take something that someone has worked so hard on and slap it up there like the wind blew it along.

I do still have the intention of getting this out there in August. I am just really hoping it won’t be the 31st!!

Sit tight. We’re almost there!



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