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Thank You to The New Writer

We heard back today from Merric Davidson, publisher of The New Writer magazine, based in the UK. Their website is geared to supporting new authors and their works as they embark on their pathway to publication. Their magazine is a collection of quality submissions and must have information. Most interesting is its universal appeal.

We had asked if The New Writer would include a link to Romantic Shorts: a simple request as we embark on our quest for writers, but to the established and busy publisher, one more item vying for his attention. So as he responded today with enthusiastic support, offering to include us in his next eNews bulletin and to include a link to our site, we are more than happy to reciprocate.

New writers who visit Romantic Shorts would be well advised to take a minute to visit The New Writer website and have a look around. You are sure to find something that you didn’t before. And we are confident that The New Writer be a certain benefit to Romantic Shorts.

Thank you again, Merric.

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