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Summer 2021 Writers’ Competition

Romantic Shorts™ presents
Summer 2021 Writers’ Competition

Open to all writers, we’re looking for fabulous romances to include in our library of fabulous romances.

You’ve got a story in you. And you’ve been wanting to write it for a loooonnnng time. But are you a writer? Could you actually do this?

Nah. No way, you say…

But what if you could?

What if you could finally realize a dream?

What if you could finally cross ‘Author’ off your Bucket List?

What if it turned out to be the beginning of something amazing?

What if…

And that, right there, ‘What if…’, is where you start.

Just start.

With a romance. Because you know about love. And people. And relationships. Tell us about one of them. Make one up. Polish it up and take a leap of faith. No one will even know it’s you. Unless you win publication. And even then, there’s pen names…

Come on. What’s stopping you?

Write that story. Send it to Romantic Shorts™. You never know.



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