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Announcement of Winners

Romantic Shorts

is pleased to announce the winners of our

New Year New Story Writers Competition

It is a common comment after the judging is finished and the winners are to be announced.

“The judging was difficult. All of the stories are worthy of a first place finish. Our decision was quite difficult.”

And we think, “Yeah, yeah, stop trying to make everyone feel good and get to the good stuff.”

But in this case, we had a most remarkable turn of events for our competition. Because we specified “unpublished authors,” we did ourselves a bit of a disservice. We received queries, engaged in conversation, researched, asked, and deliberated at length. The big question, “What exactly, in this age of technological advance in publishing, is a published author?” We drew a line in the sand and decided that, because of the clear ambiguity of the term, we would go with what we have, and, in the future, will not make any division amongst our writers, accepting entries/submissions from all authors.

And so, after all was said and done, we received four entries that actually qualified for the competition. If we also look at the number and quality of the non-competition submissions, sent to us simply with the query to consider publication, we are most pleased with the response to our first Writers Competition!

Enough already, get to that good stuff you mentioned!

The winners of the
New Year New Story 2011 Writers Competition
are as follows:

Winning a cash prize of $40. and publication by Romantic Shorts

A centuries old curse unites good and evil,
future and past, prisoner and guard.
The power of love can release these captives from their tortured fate.
But only if they can find each other and rediscover their feelings.
Will the cards finally lead them to their heaven on earth?
Or will they be forced to relive their quest yet again?

Rosetta Stone by Ashley Long

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Winning a cash prize of $50. and publication by Romantic Shorts

Having mortgaged her very self for her marriage and children,
Laura finds herself trying to accept ‘content’
as an acceptable measure of her life.
Until a handsome stranger she knows too well
shows her that passion conquers acceptance,
and opens a door to a new beginning.

A Day In St. John’s by Deborah Schenberger

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Winning a cash prize of $100. and publication by Romantic Shorts

While VP Evangeline Martin knows exactly what she wants and how to get it,
the off duty side of this walking contradiction
has no idea what her heart truly desires.
At least, that’s how Cedric sees her.
But when her life is threatened and it falls on him to protect her,
it’s difficult to say whose heart is in more danger
and which darkness holds the greater risk.

What The Darkness Proposes, by Kirsten Blacketer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And, winning our top cash prize of $250. and publication by Romantic Shorts

In the true spirit of Romance,
this story deftly takes the reader on a journey through the past
in the mind of a man in love.
As we follow his memories to a time and place where his heart was free,
we hope and want for the girl on the train to be his one.
We are left with the feeling of our own first loves:
the joy, the anticipation, the excitement, and the fear,
and we connect with him in a way that leaves us in awe
of the strength of those tender moments spent with our hearts on fire.

Play Me A Song, by Jeannine Wynne

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It is our profound pleasure to introduce these new authors to you. Congratulations to our writers!

Watch for their winning entries, as well as many other addictive romantic short stories, to appear at RomanticShorts.com beginning in August. Biographies and links to our authors’ pages will be released shortly. Readers can subscribe now to catch the launch of our much anticipated publication by clicking over to our Reading Room. Watch for announcements, polls, and perhaps the odd contest as we prepare to provide you with some of the most eagerly awaited reading on the Web.

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Writers' Contests

We are very excited about the response we’re receiving to our new Writers’ Competition, ‘New Year New Story 2011.’ The deadline for this competition is March 31st, and details about what we’re looking for and how to enter are available right here.

For those who are inquiring about the option of submitting by the standard practice of querying your idea, the answer is yes, absolutely!

Romantic Shorts is accepting unsolicited manuscripts of short romantic stories, 4500-6000 words, from established and published authors, as well as the newest of new writers and students. This is a great opportunity to build your resume, your skill, and your reputation, especially if you are trying to break into the field.

Keep in mind that Romantic Shorts is new, unique, and untried. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t adhere to the highest expectations of quality, expertise, and integrity, both for ourselves and our authors. It does mean that we’re in this because we love what we’re doing, want to enjoy it, learn from it, build it. Your experience with Romantic Shorts may be a little different from relationships you’ve had in the past with other publishers; but we’re positive that that will be a good thing – for all of us.

This is a very fascinating time for us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and quite possibly working with you as we grow our little website into a publishing house that leads with its reputation, its promise, and its quality.

Check us out. www.RomanticShorts.com

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Looking for Writers

We need some writers! A whole lot of writers.

Romantic Shorts is in need of 30-60 new, unpublished writers who are prepared to produce one or more stories for our new website.

We’re looking for quality romantic short stories, of about 4500-6000 words. Original story ideas, characters, and settings will be key. And fun, moving, surprising plots are a bonus. Stories must stand alone; they cannot be an excerpt from a longer piece. Your submission will be creative, unique, and polished. New, unpublished authors only. No agents.

Query with 100-word synopsis and writing sample, or with first 1,000 words by e-mail.  Or watch for upcoming Writers’ Competition announcements. Our next competition is scheduled to be announced January 4th, 2011.

Visit our website at www.romanticshorts.com for submission details.

For now, we are looking for fairly mainstream situations. Although varying degrees of explicitness are welcome. We do intend to branch out to a wide genre variety in the future.

This is a new and developing website. Start your writing career; come grow with us from the beginning.

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