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And Up Another Hill

Momentum is a funny thing. Predictable on one hand. Unreliable on the other. Pushing a car up a hill is easy if you get a running start and have enough umph to keep it going until it reaches level ground. Not so easy if the person at the wheel accidentally steps on the brake half way there!

Yeah, it’s just me waxing a little poetic as I put nose to grindstone once more to find and entice writers to submit their stories to Romantic Shorts.

Of the authors we’ve published so far, all have reported positive feedback about their Romantic Shorts experience. Sure, no, it’s not a paying gig. But their Author’s Pages are theirs to keep for the duration of their stories’ life at RS. They can notify us of new awards, works, and accomplishments at anytime, and their pages are updated to reflect their current status. As well, they have a permalink to their story that they can use anywhere as a writing sample, free offer, or credit. It’s not a bad deal for 5,000 words.

Absolutely, down the road as we finally initiate an advertising program that works for us, we will offer financial compensation as well. We look forward to hardcopy anthology sales and other projects that will bring revenue to RS and our writers. The hurdle to this, ironically, is building a solid library.

It’s a sweet Catch-33: Find the writers to draw the readers to entice the advertisers to reward the writers.

And so I’m spending my time now focusing on finding writers with strong, entertaining, high-quality stories they’d like to share with our readers – who now average well into the hundreds every week. If everyone pushes the car, we’ll all get to where we’re going a lot sooner.

Check out our guidelines and send us a story.

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