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What We’re Looking For – the short version

We’re open for submissions! And in a nutshell, here’s what we’re looking for:

Short stories that center around a romantic relationship between any two consenting adults. There can be a physical/sexual/steamy/erotic component to the story, but it has to make sense. No sex just for the sake of having sex. Romance comes first. No porn.

Our stories are meant to be read in about a half hour, which falls between 4,500-6,000 words. That’s a hard min/max limit.

All Romantic Shorts are self-contained, one-off, fully complete stories. Nothing that’s part of a longer story. Nothing that will need a prequel, sequel, or any other kind of quel.

All submissions have to be print-ready. We don’t edit. Other than some minor formatting and smoothing, we publish as is. And if we can’t read your manuscript because of awkward structure and errors, then we can’t read your manuscript.

Romantic Shorts currently pays $50 CDN for a published story.

And, we ask for a one-year exclusive right to use your story. You retain the copyright at all times.

There’s more to the details, and you can find them here. Read the guidelines and the T&C carefully before deciding to submit your work. But, at a glance, these are them…


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