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A Quiet Return To Real Life

If I had a cottage that I had barely visited in the last three years, knowing it needed some attention, but unable to get there, I would certainly expect to arrive this week and find one heck of a disaster. Happily, not a total loss. The building was, and is still, in great shape. The grounds have gotten away with a fair bit of wanton behaviour. And it seems a critter has managed to gain entrance and make a little mischief. All in all though, it could be worse.
But the most difficult part of returning is finding that the municipality has repaved, rerouted, or removed all of the roads in and out of the property. At first glance, I can’t get there from here. I may have to swap out my car for a horse…
And so it is, with Romantic Shorts. While my neglect has spared me my worst fears, it seems it’s going to take a considerable effort on my part to find my way around again, reconnect with the neighbours, and feel like I belong once more.
Now, with no grandiose pomp and circumstance surrounding my return to public life, and with new digs completed and oh-so-perfectly-appointed *smile and a heavy sigh of satisfaction,* I am back to work, quietly plugging away at emails, submissions, and website revision.
The door is open for manuscript submissions. Although, until the actual submission page is repaired – that’s the door the raccoon broke through – manuscripts can be submitted by email attachment to submissions@romanticshorts.com
One of the plugins I have on the website is a silly fun thing that quotes a different line from ‘Hello Dolly’ every time I open the admin page. Today, I was greeted with, “It’s so nice to have you back where you belong…”
Likewise, Romantic Shorts. Likewise.


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Welcome to our New Headquarters, Writers!

Welcome to the new headquarters for Romantic Shorts. It’s now time to separate the presentation from the preparation.

Everything that matters to our writers, all of our updates, announcements, and guidelines, are here at Romantic Shorts HQ. In the very near future, we hope to add a forum and discussion board for our staff and writers to connect and share. Right now, that’s (supposed to be) happening on our Facebook page. (I’m still trying to get into the habit of checking it regularly – that’s a new one for me and I’m still not comfortable finding my way around ‘the wall.’ Ah well, this is all about learning, after all…)

As for our ‘office decor’, after much indecision and a great deal of stress, our Headquarters Home Page is now sleek, clean, and easy to use.  (That blue background that a few of you had the misfortune to bump into was nasty.)

Two-thirds of the website are set for now.

This area for you, the writers, will grow as we grow and expand to meet our needs. If you have any suggestions of something to add, change, or just plain get rid of, feel free to say so. The whole HQ experience has to be easy and pleasant for the writers. Experience will tell us what that looks like. And if it’s anything like my living room, will be rearranged every six months or so…

Our presentation area is on hold waiting for our Grand Opening this summer. It will feature your stories, info, and – yes, probably some ads – for our readers. The details and final decisions on its appearance are still up in the air, though its purpose and function are now taking solid shape. Again, we’re open to ideas on that front. Feel free to drop us a line.

The nuts and bolts of the site are next. The business end of Romantic Shorts will include everything from info for advertisers to our privacy policy to our online store. Down the road, we will offer hardcopy, digital, and E- anthologies for sale, as well as other Romantic Shorts licensed items. That’s an exciting aspect of the venture that is proving to be a bit of a distraction – it’s incredibly fun to think about, and it’ll have to wait a little longer.

So, now, it’s so far so good. We’re still looking for more writers/stories. We may think about running another competition later in the year. And these days, every solved problem is producing two new challenges and three new ideas. Seems this has all taken on a life of its own… Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Now, back to work. Still have a third of a website to clean up, contracts to smooth out, manuscripts to read and judge, connections to make, and email to answer.

Honestly, I am loving this!


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